Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wall panelling

Once drywall went up at Whyte, it was time to start thinking about panelling. We have been working with two different styles of panelling. Both work very nicely, in different rooms of the house.

The first style is a classy, yet minimal moulding attached directly to the drywall.

Secondly, we utilized a wood moulding that hooks over the edge of built out panelling. The moulding rabbet is 3/8''.

As with the first style, square and straight layout is key. It simply makes the entire job easier when joints and angles line up nicely. The bulk of the panelling is made from MDF of different thickness.  

Without Moulding. Just stiles (vertical) and rails (Horizontal).

With moulding attached. For this we used a strong wood glue and brad nails.

So far, it has been working quite nicely. I cannot wait to see how these look painted, once the rest of the house panels have been completed!

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