Friday, June 17, 2011

How to connect steel beams to wood frame construction

To attach steel beams to wood framing you must use through bolts. 

Where joists hang off the beam we pack out the groove of the beam with ripped down lumber until it is clear of the flanges.  This packing is then nailed together and through bolted (as you can see in this pic) this beam is now ready to have joist hangers nailed to it. 

Connecting wood beams to steel beams is another thing entirely so I have posted a second pic....

3608 Quesnel dr second floor

3608 Quesnel dr beam connection
Here you can see the way that the wood beams are notched and how they are bolted through the knife plates that were welded to the beam.  Layout of these knife plates is crucial and as in this case, we had to have the mobile welder out to make a few minor adjustments. 

But all is well and this is now happily joisted and floored and we will be standing bedroom walls by the end of next week.!


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