Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A radius concrete wall

A radius wall is an interesting twist on the regular, straight wall form. After making calculations we moved on to building the footings out of dimensional lumber.

With the steel rebar installed and engineer-approved we then poured the footings. 

Essentially massive moulds for concrete, forms must be able to heavy pressures in multiple directions. 

After making templates for the curves, we started building the forms. 

Standing up the sections of curved wall, layers of thin plywood are nailed on to create the curve.

After having to wait the out freezing temperatures in Vancouver, these walls have just been poured and we are in the process of removing the forms. 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Alpha house is finally going

Alpha house is finally getting somewhere.

Demolition ✅
Excavation ✅
Shoring ✅
Dewatering ✅
Gravel Base ✅

excavation, house, home, custom, construction, de watering,
We had a little rain over the weekend

excavation, house, home, custom, construction, de watering, shotcrete, shoring
And the rain didn't stop
excavation, house, home, custom, construction, de watering, shot crete, foundation, strip ease, forms, footings.
Rain is finally under control
We are ready for rebar inspection and happy to get this foundation poured soon so that this house can be framed up.  Strip ease forms are far from my favorite but they are quick, cost effective and environmentally sound since they are re used and have virtually no waste.  14ft walls are really pushing them to their limits though. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Keats Retreat Guest House

Guest House at Keats Retreat

Professional photos by Pineconecamp sure make a big difference on how the guest house looks.  It might be small but its all that you need in a cottage.    

The Guest House

Guest house living room

sleeping loft

Tiny Kitchen

dining and loft

Major renovation to East Vancouver home

Uhuru Residence, a major renovation

After a Major transformation this East Vancouver home sits proud on the street once again.  Tailored to the families needs and tastes the project turned out great.  Thanks Janis at Pineconecamp for these great pictures 

the kitchen features reclaimed oak accent

Mid Century inspired family room

Transitional Livingroom features floating  wood burning fireplace

contemporary bathroom with curbless shower

Master bath with freestanding tub

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Keats is finished

Keats island is all wrapped up and looking great.  Standing seam roof, board and batten, wood paneling, solid timber roof, hardwood, tiles, landscaping and all the rest have come together on this one.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Keats windows siding and roof

Keats island is coming along quickly.  Only about six weeks have passed since the last post and we have the house locked up and the insulation going in.

Reused old doors and windows are paired with new and rustic red cedar boat and batten siding.  The standing seam roofing brings it all together.

Posted by Joel

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wall panelling

Once drywall went up at Whyte, it was time to start thinking about panelling. We have been working with two different styles of panelling. Both work very nicely, in different rooms of the house.

The first style is a classy, yet minimal moulding attached directly to the drywall.

Secondly, we utilized a wood moulding that hooks over the edge of built out panelling. The moulding rabbet is 3/8''.

As with the first style, square and straight layout is key. It simply makes the entire job easier when joints and angles line up nicely. The bulk of the panelling is made from MDF of different thickness.  

Without Moulding. Just stiles (vertical) and rails (Horizontal).

With moulding attached. For this we used a strong wood glue and brad nails.

So far, it has been working quite nicely. I cannot wait to see how these look painted, once the rest of the house panels have been completed!

Until next time,